Here are some common questions we are often asked.  Just shoot us an email and we'll be very happy to answer any other questions you may have.

I need a video...where do I start?

You can start with a brain dump.  Just tell us every idea that’s floating around in your mind, what you want to accomplish, and we’ll help flush it out and make it happen.

Can I use your videos for my website and social media?

Absolutely!  We can even make multiple versions of the same video to accommodate different platforms. 

Can you shoot me at my workplace?

Yes!  We can shoot wherever you want – for the most part.  And if you need any special permits to do so, we can help secure those for you too.

Can you help me with my script?

Absolutely!  We have professional writers on our team to make sure your message flows smoothly and that you look and sound great!

Will the video fit my "style"?

Of course!  We talk to you about your style and vision, so that your video has the right personality and matches your branding perfectly.


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